E-mail delivery


For the purpose of sending group e-mail messages we developed a web application as a service. This solution can either be used independently or implemented with our CMS.

Group messages are sent to listed message recipients using a form for sending. All data are memorized in the database and can be used and reviewed repeatedly. A unique option compared with other tools is sending of attachments.

Application options

  • Unlimited number of senders. Any SMTP address or service can be entered as the sender.
  • Unlimited number of recipient lists. Every list of message recipients can include an unlimited number of recipients. List of recipients is imported from an Excel table or entered individually.
  • Unlimited number of templates. It is possible to use ready-made templates or create new ones.
  • Unlimited size of attachments. Messages can be accompanied by attachments. It is necessary, of course, to pay attention to the attachment size according to good business ethics.
  • Individual sending by using templates.
  • Group sending to all listed recipients or by individual selection from the offered list.
  • Unlimited number of sent messages daily.
  • Review of the status of the sent message.
  • Repeating of group or individual messages.
  • Every message has a connection for review of the sent message on the website and signing off from the list.

Completed project: Kovačić&Spaić

Kovačić&Spaić is the leading PR company in Serbia. It is specialized for: media relations, training programs, crisis communication, relations with the government, corporate social responsibility, online PR and social media and internal communication.

Our task was no make an integrated solution that would enable daily sending of several thousands of messages to media companies for clients’ requirements. The solution was integrated in CMS and incorporated with automatic sending of a Twitter message being sent in each Group message.

Sending group message