PROVISIO was established in 1996. The first large-scale kiosk deployment our team worked with was for the large retail chain MEDIA MARKT in early 1997. PROVISIO developed a kiosk software based on Internet Explorer to securely display a multi-media application that showcased MEDIA MARKT’s electronic consumer products on public computers in nationwide stores. Consumers were able to learn more about product offerings while PROVISIO’s kiosk software protected the computers from any unwanted user manipulation and defined exactly how they could be used.

Due to the success of this first kiosk project and based on this first secure kiosk application, PROVISIO started to develop SiteKiosk, which was first offered as a turnkey kiosk software product in 1998. SiteKiosk has become the most commonly used secure kiosk software for public computers worldwide with an install base of over 250,000 SiteKiosk copies. PROVISIO also develops and markets a server-based remote control solutions for SiteKiosk machines (SiteRemote) and Digital Signage Software Solutions.

With offices in the U.S. and Europe PROVISIO became a market-leading software development company providing turnkey secure kiosk, digital signage software and remote management solutions. PROVISIO products are marketed in more than 50 countries. Many Fortune 500 companies have chosen PROVISIO software solutions for projects of 1,000+ machines. 

Cooperation with Provisio

In the original project of industrial design and implementation of multimedia pole we started to use the technology of interactive kiosks. The largest buyer of our multimedia kiosks is the National Tourism Organization of Serbia who uses them for promotion of tourist offer in Serbia. In addition, we can mention: the Ministry of Diaspore, Rosche, Astra Zeneca, Žižgin.

The cooperation with Provisio started in 2005 during our participation at the fair of multimedia interactive kiosks in Essen, Germany. On that occasion we were very satisfied with the quality of SiteKiosk application and we decided to use it in our poles. On the basis of this cooperation Provisio decide to make us it s partner and Ti Computers Solutions is the representative of  Provisio in Serbia now.

Ti Computers Solutions Provisio official dealer

Completed project: Aerodrom "Nikola Tesla" Beograd

SiteKiosk application for protection of public PC computers is in exploitation at the Airport Belgrade, in function of check-in terminals.