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For the requirements of giving first aid, in cooperation with Belgrade Red Cross we created an application intended for everyone who needs quick administering of first aid.

Ti Computers Solutions is a donor to Belgrade Red Cross. We have helped the Red Cross to promote the “Bogovadja” resort, we have made photo and video materials, publication and web presentation. We have also trained volunteers for making presentations.

This cooperation resulted in our proposal to develop a free of charge application in Serbian language, to be of help in giving first aid. The research of the existing situation of mobile applications was used as a basis. The Red Cross procedures and official manuals were the basic material used for the contents.

The application that we subsequently developed was made to satisfy the specific requirements and it had to incorporate video material display, two alphabets and phone calls from the application.

The application has the following characteristics:

  • Basic techniques of human life rescuing
  • “Step by step” option, when you are not sure what kind of injury or state is in question
  • Emergency calls
  • Fundamental knowledge of natural disasters and ways of protection
  • Information on taking first aid exam for driving test
  • Information on the organization of Belgrade Red Cross

For this application we developed several unique and original solutions.The application is multilingual. It uses both Cyrillic and Latin characters, but it can be easily restricted to one of them. All data are stored in the database. The application design was made according to the guidelines received from Belgrade Red Cross.

First aid

The front page contains a list with icons and types of injuries. By clicking on injury type, a page with a detailed procedure description is opened. This page is opened on the basis of building blocks previously defined by their style, appearance and characteristics. Sequence of blocks and their contents are defined in the database. For the purpose of page editing, it is necessary to change the entry in the data base, while nothing has to be changed in the program code. The most important page element is dialing of previously defined emergency phone number. At the moment when an emergency call is required, a button dialing the emergency number appears. The video material display element opens the page for video sequence displaying. In order to solve the multilingualism problem, we created subtitling of the video footage with the text entered in the database.


The front page contains a list with icons and types of accidents. By clicking on accident type, a page with a detailed procedure description is opened. On the page containing accident procedures, we emphasize a constructive element Check the list. After selection of the list, a listing of necessary actions to be performed by the user is opened, with a possibility of memorizing the actions in the form of a reminder. The data are memorized in the database and when the application is restarted it is possible to check the previous entries.

Step by step

Another creative contribution to the application quality. On the basis of our idea, a “wizard” was created who leads you through recognition of the injury type. By giving Yes or No replies to the questions it either directs us to the following questions or refers us to a procedure.



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