Telerik’s mission is to make software development easier and more enjoyable. Our tools for agile project management, collaboration, development and testing allow companies of all sizes to create richer, more stable and aesthetic software faster than ever before. Trusted by over 100,000 customers worldwide for our devotion to quality and customer care, Telerik helps technical and business professionals maximize their productivity and "deliver more than expected” every day.

As true craftsmen, we don't believe in compromises and our goal is to only release tools that we can be proud of.

Cooperation with Telerik

We spent much time searching for the tools that would help us realized our ideas. We still feel the satisfaction experienced when we finished the first project by using Telerik. We keep feeling excitement because of the speed, simplicity and efficiency of every operation. Telerik tools have facilitated our work to a great extent and we will continue to use them. We have been implementing their solutions in every project for many years. Although much time has passed since the first version was made, owing to constant improvements this tool is always up-to-date and new.

We use Telerik in almost all projects. In cases when the job must be done quickly and professional appearance must be provided, we use incorporated styles that are really sufficient for every project. If it is necessary to make something different, the appearance is adjustable to such an extent to be able to support every design solution.

Case study published on Telerik web site: Internet shop


All our presentations are regularly supplied with our CMS. 

For the most advanced presentations and customers who want something more, we can offer the best CMS in the world – Sitefinity.

The advantage of our solution is that there is the world database of programmers and users who use this CMS. The power of this system lies its robustness and support all over the world. Its only disadvantage, if it can be considered a disadvantage, is the price.