Development of Windows Applications

Desktop applications

Development of our company was followed by a constant development of technologies. As we were developing and growing, technologies have been promoted. Nowadays we are focused on web and mobile solutions.

Although our focus is on other platforms, we still produce desktop applications for Microsoft platform, from Windows xp, through Windows 7 to the latest Windows 8 operative system.

All applications have been made according to customers’ specifications and adapted to their needs and requirements. They have been made either for individual companies or for connected companies with the same model of operation. The most frequent applications are: Waiter – application for restaurant management (POS, back office) and Warehouse - application for management of goods and material accounting.

Case study

Kirby Business Solution

Created as the continuation of cooperation with the Falco Company, distributor of Kirby home care products.  The previous version had been made with Visual Studio 6 version using the Access database. Due to problems with a non-reliable database in a multi-user method of work, Falco decided to have a completely new application elaborated. The new solution was made with VS 2010 (now VS 2012) and MS SQL Server database.

The application was client-server oriented. The data are placed on SQL server and every user has an access to the base in the local network.

Application options

Unrestricted number of companies, wholesale and retail sale processed through the application.

Retail sales are connected with the cash register and they use the application for the cash register work.

Unlimited number of commodities. Conditions and commodity prices are synchronized with the online shop. Reports and documents are printed or exported to other formats.

Automated coordination of documents between wholesale and retail sale and with other companies. Tracking of goods in stock with detailed data and photos of commodities.

Keeping records of buyers, suppliers, sales persons.

Specially developed module for an optimum work of servicemen with tracking of buyers and integration with the adapted  Google maps.

Integration with Orion Telekom SMS service for automatic sending of SMS messages to buyers.

Google Maps integration

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