School development project

Web presentation and grade book

The only integrated solution in Serbia that successfully incorporates website content management tools and grade books

Availability everywhere, always and immediately

Teachers enter the information from any PC connected to Internet. The information is always available online.

Centralized data entering

The information is entered in the central database by means of one tool, whether it is a site or a grade book.

Grade book by internet and SMS messages

Grades, absences and teachers' messages are available to parents immediately after they have been entered by the teachers and they are obtained through a website or by SMS.

Easy use

It was proved in practice that teachers needed 15 minutes to learn how to use the grade book. Students and parents do not need any training.

Problems solved by this program

  • Students, parents, teachers and all interested persons are better informed on the school work.
  • Modern concept of an active school marketing
  • Assistance rendered to students in developing the skills and using modern tools that will be required in their educational process and for their success at work
  • Introduction of new technologies used by both teachers and students, in order to improve studying, critical thinking and communication skills
  • Improvement of administrative processes, facilitating cooperation, time and saving time and resources
  • Encouraging students to get involved in a richer world of interactive learning through distributed experiences – any time, anywhere.

Original solution for making and maintaining a school web presentation and grade book by internet.

The Project is realized by means of an interactive web presentation, using a group of tools to manage its contents. By using the latest programming tools and techniques, databases and server environment, we created the web content management system. These unique tools are permanently upgraded. By using the tools it is possible to change all dana (text and images), on each web page, by means of a controlled environment, protected by user's name and password.

Web presentation options

  • Forming and changing of all web pages (animation, news, calendar of activities)
  • About school (opening address, school location, school plan, documents, development plan, sections)
  • Team of employees (individual page for each member of the team of employees: photo, resume, open day, survey per groups, subjects they teach, classes, duties)
  • Students (ringing schedule, automatic determining of shifts, competitions, classes, class board meetings, photos, time tables, students' lists, class news, messages referring to classes and homework, enrollment information)
  • Infоrmаtion for parents (on enrollment in the first grade and secondary school, open days)
  • School newspaper and leaflet (additional academic and extracurricular activities, е-magazine)
  • Photo and video material galleries
  • Library (catalogue of books in the library, working hours)
  • Grade book (students' grades)
  • SMS sеrvices

Implеmеntаtion speed

A large experience in realization of this project makes it possible for schools to start using our tools very soon, practically as early as in a couple of weeks from the beginning of our work with them they will be able to publish the information independently.

This project has been successfully realized in more than 50 schools and the users are very satisfied.

Additional infоrmаtion and dеmо vеrsion: